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Sarah MarbesSarah Marbes, Coordinator

Sarah helps students build their knowledge and skills through serving the community. At the same time, she helps local organizations utilize student talent to fulfill their missions. Before joining SIU, Sarah worked in the nonprofit sector developing volunteer programs to uplift communities and empower volunteers. She earned her Master’s in Postsecondary, Adult, and Continuing Education from Portland State University. Contact Sarah at


green-headshot.jpgDiamoneek Green, Voter Engagement Fellow

Diamoneek is serving as a Voter Engagement Fellow through the College Election Engagement Project. CEEP Fellows help their school create an environment that encourages and supports student voters. Diamoneek is a senior studying Political Science with a Pre-Law specialty. Diamoneek became a CEEP Fellow because she is passionate about voter education and wants to empower her collegiate community. She seeks to increase voter turnout by fostering an inclusive environment for all persons to become civically engaged. 


Sienna-photo.jpgSienna Walaszek, Special Projects Intern

Sienna is an honors Philosophy undergraduate who seeks to help students grow a deeper connection to nature, to themselves, and to other individuals. At her service events, she will focus on sharing the philosophical ideologies of community building, race and ethnicity, food autonomy, poverty, environmental ethics, and how they may all intertwine and present themselves in our daily lives.

CSLV Intern

The CSLV seeks an unpaid intern to support student volunteerism and service-learning. Duties can be tailored to the intern's interests. Learn more about the role.

Contact if you are interested.