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Sarah MarbesSarah Marbes, Coordinator

Sarah helps students build their knowledge and skills through serving the community. At the same time, she helps local organizations utilize student talent to fulfill their missions. Before joining SIU, Sarah worked in the nonprofit sector developing volunteer programs to uplift communities and empower volunteers. She earned her Master’s in Postsecondary, Adult, and Continuing Education from Portland State University. Contact Sarah at


Celest GlennCelest Glenn, Communications Intern

Celeste is an SIU undergraduate English major with a passion for creative writing, content design, and information accessibility. They are a published author, and currently serve as the Communications Intern for the Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism.

CSLV Intern

The CSLV seeks an unpaid intern to support student volunteerism and service-learning. Duties can be tailored to the intern's interests. Learn more about the role.

Contact if you are interested.