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A student gardens.

Health Considerations for the 2020-2021 school year

The CSLV has made a few changes so that students may continue to volunteer safely.

  • There are online and remote opportunities. Students can participate in virtual mentoring, transcribe historic documents, and write letters to people who are homebound. Visit the Saluki Volunteer Portal and filter for Virtual Opportunities.
  • The Saluki Volunteer Portal is only listing opportunities that adhere to state and school health and safety guidelines. If you volunteer and find that the organization is not following safe practices, please leave the event and tell the CSLV.
  • For this school year, we are recording hometown volunteer hours. (Typically we only record hours that are local to SIU.)
  • The CSLV will still accept paper forms as needed, but we encourage you to use the digital form to document your work. (On the Saluki Volunteer Portal click on your photo, then Track Hours, then Add Hours.)

Please send your questions to

Do you want to make a difference?

Community service and service-learning are great ways to get the most out of your Saluki experience. You can make new friends, build skills, and have fun while serving others. Students can explore local volunteer needs and track hours on the Saluki Volunteer Portal

Vision: The CSLV empowers students to become engaged citizens who understand the interdependent nature of our society.

Mission: The CSLV connects students to volunteer opportunities and local needs that align with their interests and coursework, engaging them in meaningful service as active learners.