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The Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism seeks to support and foster the university mission of service by preparing students to be engaged, aware and responsible citizens.


The mission of the Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism is to engage students, faculty, and staff in meaningful service to the community. We develop educational programs and support service-learning initiatives that provide transformational experiences for our students in their development as citizen-scholars and strengthen our institution’s civic mission.

Women’s Civic Institute 2016

Women's Civic Institute

Are you a female undergraduate or graduate student interested in community engagement, public service or starting a nonprofit?

We invite you to apply to the Women’s Civic Institute (WCI) at SIU.


Women’s Civic Institute is a group of female student leaders hoping to become an involved citizen. In Spring 2016, we will host a series of events aimed at helping you develop leadership skills, an understanding of civic engagement and what it takes to become a leader in public service. You will hear from current women leaders whose knowledge and experience will inspire you to become a voice for change. 


In their Own Words: Reflections from WCI participants…

Lauren Gallagher, Sophomore, Political Science

The programs I have experienced are wonderful. Each time I attend an event, I walk away with knowledge that will help me in the future.  WCI has increased my understanding of civic engagement because I have a clearer view of how important it is to be an aware citizen.  This program has made me more aware of community issues.   In order to make the best of a citizenship in a democracy, it is imperative to be informed and make our voices heard.   


Makayla Bonney, Graduate, Geography & Environmental Sustainability

The programming for Women's Civic Institute has been great. We have had the opportunity to meet non-profit female leaders, and elected officials. I have a better understanding of democracy and civic engagement as a result of this experience and a better sense of the trajectory of leadership. Many of the women we met did not start out by pursuing leadership roles, but took advantage of the opportunities presented to them. My experience with WCI has been a continual exercise in envisioning what I am capable of, and seeing that capability reflected in the lives of women around me. 


Siedah McNeil, Senior, Social Work

The programs developed by the admirable women behind the Women's Civic Institute have been very inspiring. We heard from sensational women who are leaders in their field share their stories. I have learned the value in making connections with other engaged citizens and now understand that civic engagement is not just a duty but can serve as a motivation to be the part of the change we wish to see in the world.  I have a clear understanding that democracy is not a spectator sport but it requires active civic participation to function.

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