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Dear Student:

Every 26 seconds a student gives up on school somewhere in the country. AmeriCorps member seek to help school children by helping each child realize his or her full potential, foster curiosity, get them excited about education and by being a role model for positive behavior.  

AmeriCorps members serve as tutors and mentors to children from pre-school to eight grade. Along with helping children, AmeriCorps members undergo leadership training and professional development and receive a living allowance for their service.  

If you are looking to make a difference, AmeriCorps is a great program to consider.  AmeriCorps is often described as a domestic Peace Corps, and follows a long tradition where dedicated, civic-minded Americans provide service to their country and community. SIU is one of select universities with an AmeriCorps program! 

The attached poster has the details. To check the poster, click here

For appointments, call (618)453-7520.  Thank you!Americorp's Logo

News from the Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism

Attention Students:

Specialized Equine Services and Therapeutic Riding (SES)

501(c)3 Organization

SES uses the powerful healing energy of horses to help children, adults and Veterans with psychological, neurological and physical conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, MS, Cerebral palsy, Autism, Brain injury, PTSD, Stroke and Cancer.

When riding a horse, the human body moves as it does when walking. The slow, rhythmic motion of a horse stimulates the body and works the rider’s muscles in a manner similar to the human stride. This repetitive motion cannot be duplicated in any clinical setting. Our therapeutic riding instructors combine riding skills with lesson plans designed to enhance the physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of our riders.

In addition to the physical benefits derived from therapeutic riding, the contact with the animal is a powerful experience. The strong bond that can develop between horses and people often has a profound, uplifting effect on those who are troubled or suffering.

Giant City Stables has been providing Equine Therapy since 1995. Our PATH International Riding instructor works with clients one-on-one and in small group settings utilizing the tree-dimensional gait of the horse to provide therapeutic benefits. Each rider is engaged through a combination of therapy, education and recreation tailored to meet their individual physical, cognitive and emotional needs.

We are looking for sponsors or supporters that want to partner with us in providing the powerful healing energy of horses to a greater number of people in Southern IL. And, of course, we cannot operate without the volunteers.

New Course in Spring 2016!

KIN 560: Gender and Sport.

This will be taught by Dr. Bobbi Knapp is open to both graduates and undergraduates and will provide an in-depth analysis of the relationship between gender and sports/physical activity.

The course focuses on the sociological and gender dimensions of gender.  The course has a service-learning component which includes conducting oral history interviews with women veterans in the community. The course is a partnership with the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation and the Library of Congress Veteran’s History Project.  

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