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Every 26 seconds a student gives up on school somewhere in the country. AmeriCorps member seek to help school children by helping each child realize his or her full potential, foster curiosity, get them excited about education and by being a role model for positive behavior.  

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AmeriCorps members serve as tutors and mentors to children from pre-school to eight grade. Along with helping children, AmeriCorps members undergo leadership training and professional development and receive a living allowance for their service.  

If you are looking to make a difference, AmeriCorps is a great program to consider.  AmeriCorps is often described as a domestic Peace Corps, and follows a long tradition where dedicated, civic-minded Americans provide service to their country and community. SIU is one of select universities with an AmeriCorps program!

By participating in AmeriCorps, you can help children reach their full potential, get them excited about education and be a role model for positive behavior.    

AmeriCorps offers leadership training, professional development and a monthly stipend.

The attached poster has the details. To check the poster, click here

For appointments, call (618)453-7520.  Thank you!