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What is Americorps?

Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps selects members to tutor and mentor children from pre-K to eighth grade in four school districts. AmeriCorps’ work strives to increase literacy and academic skill, provide strong role models, and to promote a positive view of education for children. AmeriCorps members have opportunities for leadership development, including representing the program at state level conferences and planning special service projects during the year. Members who successfully complete their first year can continue their service for a second year. All majors can apply for the program. It is often a life-changing experience for those that participate. We are fortunate to be one of a few schools with an AmeriCorps program, and we encourage you to take part to make a difference!

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For appointments, call (618) 453-7520. 

AmeriCorps Members In Their Own Words:


I joined AmeriCorps because I want to contribute to the community.  Many children just need a little help and education, in my opinion, plays a significant role in creating a strong community.  Mentoring youth through AmeriCorps is a great opportunity and very rewarding. 

Jordan Caylor, Senior in Geology, Bentonville, AR


I was first introduced to AmeriCorps during my internship.  I wanted to continue developing the relationships I started with the youth during the internship.  I applied for AmeriCorps, and I am pleased to say that I am now completing my second year in the program continuing my work at the Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale in the hopes of making a lasting impact on the local community. 

Lyneesya Wilson, Senior in Psychology, Nashville, TN


I joined AmeriCorps because I was looking for a way to make a difference in my community. Being able to make a difference is a good feeling, and I hope to encourage others to join, or simply get more involved in their communities! 

LaDeja Dean, Senior in Healthcare Management, Aurora, IL


I joined AmeriCorps so I can give back to the community by volunteering. It is awesome to see you are helping change the education of students through SIU’s AmeriCorps program.

Haley Utley, Senior in Communications and Science Disorders, Olney, IL


I joined AmeriCorps to serve my community and better myself as a future teacher. Recognizing my abilities and potential and knowing I am a teacher by nature. On completing my education, I hope to teach theater and also continue to make my community better.  

Tyler Bourland, Senior in Theater, Belle Rive, IL


I joined AmeriCorps to be a positive influence on youth. I am grateful for all of the mentors in my life, and I think that the best way to repay them is to help others. Working with young people is my passion so joining AmeriCorps has proven to be very fulfilling.

Marcus Jackson, Education Psychology, Chicago, IL


I joined AmeriCorps to strengthen our community through education. Education gives kids awareness of the world around us and how to dream big to make it better! I can't wait to continue to learn through teaching, while also having the chance to influence my community positively.

Gabrielle Will, Senior in Forestry, Mundelein, IL

I joined AmeriCorps because I believe in service in my local community. I believe that children are the future and that every resource that is available to them to succeed should be used to the fullest capacity. During mentoring youth, I am also gaining experience to be a teacher. 

Coleman Fitch, Senior studying History, West Frankfort, IL


I joined AmeriCorps to work with children and get to know myself a little better. Each day my experience with youth help me understand other things in life. I also enjoy the feeling of being able to help someone and being the mentor that the children can trust.

Joseline Marquez, Junior in Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Chicago, IL


I choose AmeriCorps because it allows me to impact the lives of children’.  Being with children helps me to stay self-motivated and dedicated to community service.

Antonio Clark, Senior in Psychology, Chicago, IL

SIU Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps Team 2017-18