Service-Learning Courses

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This is a general list of service learning courses taught on campus. In the future we will also have a list of upcoming courses by semester to facilitate student registration. If you are teaching a service-learning course and would like to be added to the list, please let us know.

Course List

Course Number  Course Title
AD 208  Intro to Art Education
AD 318 Curriculum and Assessment in Art Ed
AD 338 Art Education Methods-Secondary
AD 452 Graphic Design II, Internship
AJ 395 Supervised Field Experience in AJ
ANTH 465 Internship
ARC 231 Architectural History I
ARC 232 Architectural History II
ARC 351 Design III: Context
ARC 532 Architectural History II: Global Traditions in Architecture
ARC 532 Architectural History III: Global Traditions in Architecture
BA 505 Brand Management
BA 550 Marketing Management
BA 558 Promotional Strategy and Management
CCJ 395 Supervised Field Experiences in Criminology and Criminal Justice
CE 463 Field Survey Problems (Online)
CE 464 Field Survey Planning and Computation (Online)
CE 495 A/B Civil Engineering Design
CI 317  Guiding Play as a Learning Medium
CI 473 Teaching in Middle School
CI 594D Practicum Mathematics
CLAS 230 Classical Mythology
DH 417 Multicultural and Applied Experiences in Dental Hygiene
DH 448 Community Oral Health Practicum
FL 258 Work Experience
FL 298 Multicultural Applied Experience
FL 301I Cross-Cultural Orientation
FL 495 Internship
FN 530 Advanced Nutrition Assesment and Education
FOR 403 Agroforestry
FOR 428 Urban Forestry
GEOG 103 World Geography
GEOG 429 Organic Farming and Local Food
GEOG 454 Conservation and Environmental Movements
GEOG 480 Internship
HED 442S Developing Vehicle Operational Skills-Lab
HED 355

Intro to Community Health

HED 510 Program Planning/Curriculum Development
HED 526 Research and Evaluative Approaches to Health Education
HIST 392 Historical Research and Writing
HIST 496 Internship in History
HIST 499 Senior Seminar in History
JRNL 411 Advanced Public Policy Reporting
JRNL 419 Conflict and Crisis Reporting
LAW 673 Civil Law Practice
LING 201 Public Interest Externship
KIN 560 Gender and Sports
PARL 340 Internship in Paralegal Studies
PLSS 328B Landscape Design
PLSS 428 Advanced Landscape Design I
PLSS 429 Advanced Landscape Design II
POLS 405 Democratic Theory
POLS 406 American Political Thought
POLS 416 Senior Seminar- Democracy and Education
PSYC 393 Pre-Professional Practicum
PSYC 569 Applied Research Consultants
REC 300 Introduction to Recreation and Leisure 
REC 302 Prog Des & Group Dynamics
REC 303 Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities 
REC 304 Principles and Practices in Theraputic Recreation
REC 367 Research/Evaluation Recreation
REC 425 Planning and Design of Recreation Facilities
REC 426 Outdoor Adventure Climbing Based Pursuits   
REC 427 Outdoor Adventure Water Based Pursuits 
REC 428 Outdoor Adventure Challenge Based Pursuits (SPring 2013)
REC 430 Outdoor Living Skills (Spring 2013)
REC 431 Expedition Leadership (Summer 2013)
REC 432 Environmental Issues and Ethics in Outdoor Recreation (Summer 2012)
REC 433 Adventure Education (Fall 2013) 
REC 440 Therapeutic Recreation for Specific Population
REC 445 Outdoor Recreation Management (Spring 2014) 
REC 446 Backcountry and Wilderness Trail Stewardship (Spring 2014) 
REC 461 TR Program Design & Evaluation
REC 462 Facilitation Techniques in Theraputic Recreation
REC 560 Seminar in Recreation
REHB 494 Work Experience in Rehabilitation
REHB 495 Internship in Rehabilitation
SOC 498 Independent
SOCW 275 Social Welfare as a Social Institution
SOCW 295 Field Service Practicum in Southern Illinois
SOCW 402 Generalist Practice II
SOCW 411 Methods of Social Research/Field Practicum
SOCW 421 Social Welfare Policy
SOCW 441 Advanced Field Practicum 
SOCW 442 Concurrent with 441 ^^
SOCW 532 Evaluation Research
SPCM 390/490 Applied Communications
SPCM 390h Public Relations Student Society of America
SPCM 448 Intercultural Training
SPCM 481 Public Relations Cases and Campaigns
SPCM 494 Internship
UCOL 101F Women's Seminar
UHON 351 Education for Democratic Citizenship
WMST 298 Multicultural Applied Experience