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Service-learning has proven to be an effective pedagogy for enhancing academic learning, retention, and civic efficacy.  The Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism offers a variety of resources for faculty and staff who want to start or improve on efforts to engage students in community-based learning.

Attention Faculty!

This past summer, the offices of  Risk Management and Legal Counsel met with the Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism and provided guidelines for faculty and staff who plan to utilize SIU  students as volunteers for their programs or offices. The Service Documentation forms found here are for any student volunteer age 18 and above.  The Waiver for Minors must be completed for student volunteer  who are not yet 18 years of age. If you have questions about which form to use, please contact our Center.  If you have specific questions on risk and compliance, please call the office of Risk Management or Legal Counsel.  Put in simple terms, if a faculty or staff is organizing/supervising  an event/program that uses SIU students as volunteers the attached forms need to be completed.  Thanks for your patience and cooperation. 

Wingspread Principles of Good Practice for Combining Service and Learning

The Wingspread principles reflect a major concern for creating sound educational programs that could succeed in being institutionalized within the academy. According to this report,

Taken from Porter Honnet, E., and Poulsen, S. Principles of Good Practice for Combining Service and Learning. Racine, WI: Johnson Foundation, 1989.