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What is Americorps?

Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps selects members to tutor and mentor children from pre-K to eighth grade in four school districts. AmeriCorps’ work strives to increase literacy and academic skill, provide strong role models, and to promote a positive view of education for children. AmeriCorps members have opportunities for leadership development, including representing the program at state level conferences and planning special service projects during the year. Members who successfully complete their first year can continue their service for a second year. All majors can apply for the program. It is often a life-changing experience for those that participate. We are fortunate to be one of a few schools with an AmeriCorps program, and we encourage you to take part to make a difference!

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For appointments, call (618) 453-7520. 

SIU Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps Team 2016-17

AmeriCorps Members…In their Own Words….

I decided to join AmeriCorps to gain meaningful experience inside of the classroom while being involved in the community and most importantly impacting the lives of the next generation.

Josiah Teal, Junior in History Education, West Frankfort IL 

I choose to join AmeriCorps because I wanted to make a positive, lasting impact on the world. AmeriCorps gives me the opportunity to connect and develop the local community of the future by being a source of inspiration and mentor for the youth.

Vanna Mouser, Senior in Dental Hygiene and my hometown is McClure, IL

I chose to join AmeriCorps due to my passion for volunteerism and my love for children. I was excited for the opportunity to continue to work with children in the community I have made my home for the past two years that need positive role models in their lives. I am excited to be able to continue my work with youth at the Boys and Girls club.  

Lyneesya Wilson, Junior in Psychology, Nashville, TN

AmeriCorps is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how to effectively be an educator, as well as gain experience in a part of the field of education.  My dream is to be a high school History teacher, but this experience with children in grades 4 and 5 is helping me to improve in areas that are similar across the entire spectrum of education.

Zach Myers, Junior in History, Memphis, TN 

I chose to join AmeriCorps because of what it represents. A chance to impact other lives and knowing my own life will be impacted as well.  Making a difference is a major reason to join AmeriCorps and children are a great place to start. 

Angela French, Senior in Psychology, Chicago, IL 

As a student at SIU, my goal is to not only graduate, but graduate as an enlightened, knowledgeable, productive and active citizen. Being a participant in the AmeriCorps, I’m able to both help my community and grow as a person. My main objective in life is to lead by example. Through being an AmeriCorps member, I can do just that!

Shayla Brown, Senior in Psychology, Sparta, IL 

I returned to AmeriCorps for a second year to continue to make a difference in other people's lives. I wanted that chance to help tutor and mentor others who don't otherwise have access to that in their everyday life.

Tiara Brown, Junior in Public Health, Cape Girardeau, MO

I had the desire to join AmeriCorps, because I realized that this would be an opportunity for me to make an impact on someone’s life.  Not only will this allow me to help others, but it will also allow me to grow as a person. This will not be an easy task or journey by any means, but with hard work and commitment it will be worth it.

Jaela Hamilton, Sophomore in Paralegal Studies, Gurnee, IL